M eThirty. Wood. iPhone 5/5S/SE

This Autocase is made of real wood. The structure of the case consists of a hard plastic case with a wood back plate attached to it. This leads to a slim and stiff fit, the case does not feel bulky, light and provides a decent level of protection. 

The sides and the inside of the case are covered with soft-touch that gives the case a smooth and durable surface. The wooden plate is polished and has a matte finish. Logos on the case are engraved and won't ever wear off!
The case fits very stiffly and does not scratch the iPhone when installing or removing the case.
We ship worldwide! 
Please contact us info@auto-case.com with any questions


All of the logos, expressions, color pattern combinations, codes, fonts, designs, and collocations on the products of Autocase are not associated with any other brand.

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