Our Story

It has been 10 years since Autocase entered the market as a car supplier for enthusiasts, all over the world with its products. We are known for making high-quality cases made of premium materials such as carbon fiber, wood, plastic, and other amazing materials. We had a passion for cars since we were little kids that’s why we put all our time and dedication into designing unique car related phone cases. Throughout these years we got thousands of happy customers who keep buying from us and loved our products.

We lunch new cases on a consistent basis and we always improve them and create new models based on customer recommendations and new trends. This growth is the result of many years of hard work and a good and strong relationship inside our team, and of course with our amazing customers. The good relationship we have with our customers is one of our biggest strength and we work hard to improve it on a consistent basis providing amazing customer service to get the most out of each order. Our Clients can be 100% sure that we will take care of all their necessities, advice and problem solving when it's about our product. Due to the high quality of our cases and fast delivery we provide, customers are very happy to purchase from us and always come back when new cases or phones are released.

Unique and Stylish, Premium quality, and awesome design. What else can you ask for?

It is unbelievable how slim and strong our cases are. Their shape and feel make them unique and stylish and their premium materials allow them to be durable and unbreakable. Being on the market for more than 10 years has been a great way of learning and has allowed us to develop and design the perfect case. We have tested so many products and based on quality, durability and customer recommendations we have improved our models to be top phone cases in the industry.

We think our clients are the core of our business and because there is always something that can be done for better, we are all the time giving our best to satisfy our customers. There are a lot of cases available in the market, but we really try to make a difference with Autocase. The Carbon-Forged technology that we use is so good that you can count with a lifetime case that won’t break, remain intact and have an amazing feel on the grip! it is just an incredible experience.